Founded in 2020 by ‘El’ Green, EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS offers a range of treatments by your qualified Skin and Laser therapist, El. 

After shadowing mentors with a combined thirty years experience, completing various Aesthetic Skin and Laser qualifications, building close relationships with valued clientele, El is excited to continue building the Liverpool based clinic while launching the EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS Skincare range.

El Green holds highly regarded certificates from esteemed bodies such as VCTC, Pure Skin, Cynosure, Skin Philosophy. EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS proudly represents Liverpool in the British Hair & Beauty Awards for ‘Skincare Specialist of the Year’ and ‘Rising Star of the Year’. 

EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS Clinic is a proud ‘safe space’. Offering private, bespoke treatments for all. 

EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS has been showcased working with Cynosure Lasers, Ascot Medical, Pure Skin, Skin Philosophy and The Liverpool Echo. 

During 2023, EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS sky rocketed through TikTok, earning over nine million views and thousands of followers on TikTok, and Instagram! If you're looking to join an inclusive, skincare community be sure to find us there! 

2023 also saw the introduction of Staple Skincare Brand ESKIN! After quickly becoming an Influencer favourite, El has no plans of stopping at Skincare...