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- How do I book?

Easy! You can use our online booking system, email, text message or Instagram!


- What Laser do you use?

We use a Cynosure Elite + Gold Standard Medical Laser. No IPL, no Diode.


- Do I have to have my appointment filmed?

Absolutely not. All of our social media videos are pre-planned. We do not ask clients if they would like to be recorded, in an effort to ensure client comfort. However, our treatments WILL provide you with the upmost confidence... so you may find yourself asking El, just to show yourself off!


- Can I bring someone to my appointment?

Of course you can! Our clinic promotes a super friendly, happy vibe. You can bring anyone you like to your treatment, in El's words 'as long as they're up for a laugh!'.


- Do you have payment plans?

We do! In an effort to ensure treatment is accessible to all, El has divided three separate payment plans. Simply get in touch to enquire! 


- Can I have more than one treatment per appointment?

Yes! We can mix and match your treatments into one longer appointment. Just tell us the areas you would like when you book?


- Do you work with influencers? 

EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS has worked with influencers before. However, we rarely use this form of marketing and it is pre-planned in advance. 


- Are you open to collaborations? 

We are open to collaborating with other brands, or working in partnerships with other clinics or aesthetic therapists! El has worked with Cynosure, Pure Skin, Skin Philosophy and promotes many brands through social media. 


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