EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS operates using the best available industry technology. 

Our Cynosure Elite Plus, Gold Standard Medical Laser utilises both Alexandrite and Nd:YAG coding to ensure brilliant results for all skin colours. 

The Laser used within EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS Clinic is able to penetrate deeper into the epidermal skin layers and hair follicle than other light based machines, such as IPL and Diode Lasers. Promising faster, clearer results with less surface damage to the skin.

LASER ( Light Amplification Stimulated Emission of Radiation) operates by converting electrical energy into light energy. These electrical pulses travel deep within the skin and destroying the hair follicle. This removes possibility for return growth in almost all cases. 

Cynosure Lasers work by targeting melanin within the hair follicle. Therefore, EL GREEN LASER X AESTHETICS is only able to treat brown-black hair. 
Blonde, Grey, or Red hair is untreatable within our clinic.